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Meet Our Pastors

    Our Pastors

    Mike & Phyllis Glover

    Pastor Mike:

    I have been preaching the Gospel of Christ since I was fourteen years of age.   I grew up in a Christian home and made my commitment to Christ at the tender age of six.  I grew up in the Southern Baptist church, but at the age of 17, I received the Holy Spirit baptism and joined the Assemblies of God. I married my beautiful wife, Phyllis, in 1975.  She is the greatest gift in my life outside of Jesus Christ. We have two wonderful children, married to wonderful Christian spouses, who have blessed us with four beautiful grandchildren. I have been blessed with the opportunity to earn a B.A. in pastoral ministry and two masters degrees in Bible and psychological counseling. My education along with the help of the Holy Spirit has enabled me to pastor in Arkansas and Texas for almost 40 years.


    If I could describe my preaching style, it would be thoroughly Pentecostal and Bible based. I enjoy using humor and personal life experiences to illustrate the messages I share. My desire is that the believer would be empowered to take biblical principles and apply them in everyday life.  When not busy with pastoral responsibilities, I enjoy golfing, fishing, and spending time with my family, and I'm always up for a nice, long Lord of the Rings movie marathon!

    Pastor Phyllis:

    I was saved at the age of 5 in vacation bible school and filled with the infilling of the Holy Spirit at church camp at the age of 8! I have always loved music, and I love to play the piano! I am an Ordained Minister with the Assemblies of God, and I am passionate about doing His work. I love to teach the word of God.


    • My favorite colors are turquoise and lime green!

    • My favorite food is pizza!

    • I love to cook and I love, love, love a clean house!

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